Since 2004, Seetarget team has been uniting communication specialists, sociologists, marketers, psychologists and political scientists. Most of our employees are PhDs and leading experts in various fields of social sciences. Cooperating with many analytical centers and information agencies, working in the field of election campaigns and reputation policy, we create a well-thought-out plan and supplement it with tactical moves that help to implement any complex projects successfully. We believe that social data analysis has tremendous creative and reforming potential. With the help of innovative methods and technologies, we get the opportunity to explore and change social reality for the better.


  • Primary research

    Depending on the situation and tasks, we select the most effective primary research methods.

  • Strategy

    We are building a model of potential consumer or voter for focus groups and for second level micro targeting research. At the final stage, we define the signal markers on which the marketer or political strategist should rely.

  • Answers to questions

    We provide the client the answers to the main questions, the results of the research in an interactive form for their further processing, and the markers that should be followed for subsequent adjustments when the market situation changes.

  • Data slice

    We provide not a one-time data slice, but a description of an intuitive data environment with which your marketer/political strategist can interact in the course of their work for continuous improvement of the indicators.

  • Result


  • Sociological studies
  • Call Center
  • Focus groups
  • Exit polls
  • Internet surveys
  • Internet-sensing of the topics of Internet materials messages
  • Split tests
  • Data mining
  • Content analysis
  • Product demand testing
  • Contact price determination
  • Microtargeting




Aleksey Borovskiy


Experience in political marketing since 2002. Ph.D. Associate professor, Faculty of Sociology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Spartak Subbota


Ph.D. candidate in Psychology, psychiatrist, psychotherapist of the rapid response group, schema therapy expert, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intern, psychoanalyst of the Sophia-Antipolis University of Nice, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis and Ukrainian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association. Educational programs trainer.

Nikolay Bondarenko

Marketing Communications Specialist

Experience with politicians and political consultants from the USA and Europe. Specialization: PR-campaigns, analysis of communications and media, targeting, SMM.

Oksana Moskalenko

Sociologist, Project Manager

Specialization: social technology, media expertise.



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